Refund and Return Policy

Compute Zone is a renowned name of reliability and authenticity for selling new or used laptops, and other computer accessories in Bangladesh. We’re determined to provide the best products to our customers, and we’ve been doing so for quite a long time now. We’re determined to keep our name bright in the market with exceptional customer support as it is now. Therefore, we ensure no customer is left alone after getting a product from us.

As we run a business and things need to be cleared beforehand, here is our Return and Refund Policy:

If you inspect a product on our website or offline shop, buy it, and find it not as described, we’re here to fix the issue. We’ll inspect the laptop and replace the faulty part to fix the laptop and will do followup(s) with you to ensure that your issue is fixed.

However, if we fail to provide you a replacement of the faulty part, we offer two options. Either you can get a full refund, or you can get another laptop with the same price.

No warranty or refund policy will be applied for a burned or broken laptop after you get that from us. We don’t take liability for the damages to the laptop under your surveillance or care. We only take liability for issues that are already there, but we might have overlooked during our expert inspection. Therefore, w

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