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Used laptop price in Bangladesh: Available for Everyone

Used Laptops are on the rise in Bangladesh and for good reasons. Many trusted used laptop and accessories importers in Bangladesh are bringing refurbished and re-certified Laptops. Computer Zone BD as a well-reputed importer in Bangladesh is providing top quality products in the market.

If you need a decent laptop with high performance, but stuck with budgeting, you can now own a top of the line machine within your budget from Computer Zone BD. We’ve got the best used laptop price in Bangladesh for you.

Best Configuration Within Your Budget

Computer Zone BD ensures one thing, and that’s the highest value within the budget range. With thousands of previous customers nationwide, we know what our customers’ budget range, and we meet that range with care. We even have the best apple used laptop price in Bangladesh.

However, we never compromise when it comes to inspecting the configurations and quality. Everything between the motherboard and peripherals, including RAM, processor, storage, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and others, we inspect them one by one.

Variety For Purchase Options

We make sure you’re getting the best quality within the most affordable budget range. Whether you need a gaming machine, a business laptop, or something in between, we’ve got your back.

When it comes to Old laptop price in Bangladesh, we offer the best 2nd hand laptop price in Bangladesh. Our offline shop offers the best used laptop for sale in Dhaka, and we’re also offering used laptop wholesale in Bangladesh through our website.

Buying Guide for 2nd Hand Laptop in Bangladesh

Buying a second hand laptop in Bangladesh isn’t that clear as it is for the new ones. Here are 6 things to check on while buying your next second hand laptop:

Form factor

Decide which form factor for the laptop you’re comfortable with. If you need a 2 in 1, there’s no point checking regular business laptops. After that, see if the laptop body is A-grade, or in mint condition. Computer zone imports only A-grade laptops.

The Screen

You must check on the screen size, both as a hardware and a viewing part. The screen should be in good condition without any bleeding or spots with your desired size, such as 10” to 17”. For the resolution, 1080×1920 is decent for media consumption in HD.

Battery Condition

See how long you can run the laptop on battery, and what type of battery is the seller providing. A backup time of 3-4 hours is decent enough, especially in budget range. Computer Zone is selling second hand computer in Bangladesh with good battery life.

Keyboard and Trackpad

Checking the keyboard and the trackpad of a used laptop is a must-do thing. Make sure you’re getting a laptop with no trackpad damages and keyboard issues which may lead to a regret later on. Going for a good seller like Computer Zone has the best used laptop for sale in Dhaka.


Make sure the seller points out that the laptop has a working optical drive in decent condition if you need one. Next is speakers and webcam. Be sure they’re in mint condition as well as the wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Sellers’ Trustworthiness

Seller’s trustworthiness is a big thing when you’re buying a used laptop. See if the seller has a reputation for selling high-quality laptops in the past. If you want everything in one place, Computer zone has the best 2nd hand laptop price in Bangladesh with the best quality.

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