Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to sell your own laptop as a used one, we can buy that if the laptop meets our quality criteria. For instance, we take only business class laptops and do a manual checking before buying.

Computer Zone sells all kinds of computer accessories including used laptop batteries. If you need a laptop battery locally in Dhaka or from any other place in Bangladesh, do contact us to get it.

It depends on which model of the laptop you’re purchasing from us. Some models may worth 16000 BDT while some others may worth 1,50,000! The thing is, we’ve got all types of laptops on board, you decide your budget.

The most essential tests to run while buying a used laptop apart from sellers’ trustworthiness are: The Laptop body, screen, battery, keyboard, trackpad, other peripherals.

Gaming laptops are generally more crucial than others because of their complex internals. However, if you’re buying one from us, you have nothing to worry about because we do the testings for you. You can buy a second hand gaming laptop from Computer zone without any issues.

If you’re looking for a second hand laptop in Bangladesh, the most popular seller with a popular website is Computer Zone. You can buy good 2nd hand laptops from Computer zone without any issues.

It depends on where you live in Bangladesh. If you’re living in Dhaka, you can go to Multiplan center, Elephant road and visit Computer Zone as the most reliable source for second hand laptops.

After considering all things from both hardware and software aspects, if you find no flaws that may get into a convenient usage, you can go for it.

Compute Zone sells almost all renowned brands second hand laptops. You can get any laptop from Fujitsu to Apple Macbook Pro and beyond. Plus, you can get other laptop and desktop peripherals from Computer zone.

Yes, you can! If you’re ordering used laptops in bulk, we’ll give you our wholesale rates to make sure you’re honored.

If you don’t get what we advertised/promised for the particular model, we’re more than happy to help you get the issue fixed. However, if we cannot fix or replace a faulty part, we’ll return your money.

Please visit our Refund and Return Policy page  for more information on this.